Anita’s expertise, warmth and teaching ability made for an excellent learning experience. As a pre-licensed MFT, I highly recommend this training to any of my peers looking to learn how to implement cognitive-behavioral approaches in a clinical setting, as well as expand their knowledge of anger management. Many thanks, Anita!

–  Savannah J.

It was very beneficial to not only discuss how we could use the material, but to see the instructor use the material as she would in a group, as well as having attendees present the material in mock groups. Loved getting constructive feedback!

– Stephanie S.

Anita’s training was phenomenal! She mastered the ZOOM platform! Anita is patient, kind and responsive to questions! She delivered a state of the art, exciting, high energy, fun-filled training! The Anger Management Essentials’ training was informative, it flowed, it generated questions, and it was inspiring!  I’m so excited to start teaching anger management classes at my clinic and soon expanding into the community. Thanks to Anita for sharing her methods, tools, forms, and workbooks in order for us to start teaching immediately!

–  Kristine C.

Anita is an amazing presenter! Everyone can see her knowledge and passion she has for this subject. The course was adapted as a course online due to circumstances out of her hands but she handled it so well and it did not deter her from making this training the best experience.

– Daisy C.

Excellent course I enjoyed all three days!

Shelia G.

Thank you for this experience. The tools I learned will only make me a stronger provider. I appreciated your energy and knowledge. Most of all I appreciated our conversation and accommodation in regard to my anxiety. After this I was able to be present and get more out of the class. Thank you for your compassion.

– Kathy V.

I’m so thankful for the insight and knowledge I gained during this training! Anita has a very welcoming upbeat approach that makes learning all the new information engaging and fun!

– Livier C.

Anita is the best, very informational and knowledgeable in her profession.
– Aguanetta W.

Anita was confident in the material, patient with explanations, and provided lots of source material. I feel proficient to facilitate this program and motivated to do so.
– Shantel E.

Great presenter, knowledgeable in the subject and friendly.
– Mary J.

This is a great opportunity to learn about anger management perceptions. It is a good environment to meet with people who have the same interest as you in a professional area.
– Sulema I.

Very knowledgeable and Anita was pleasant and gave positive feedback and ways to manage different type of clients and their behaviors.
– Ruth F.

Anita was amazing! She utilized videos, workbooks, group participation, slides, etc. and integrated all of them very well to enhance everyone’s learning styles and experience.
– Vanessa M.

Everything was very informative and helpful. I enjoyed learning all of the aspects of anger, different situations, types of anger and how to deal with anger in different ways.
– Isabel T.

Great workshop! I will recommend to everyone. Very helpful and useful information
– Rocio G.

Everything was helpful but the most helpful parts were the videos and personal examples. I learned a great deal!
– Jessica M.

I felt everything was great! There was a lot of information on how to develop necessary skill sets
– Clifton W.

I didn’t know there was such a big difference between anger management and batterers intervention. I wish there were more videos and slides.
– Vincent B.

The things that I found most helpful were: the youtube sources, tips on facilitating group sessions, tips on dealing with difficult group members, the workbook as a tool, and the lessons on material preparedness.”
– Sandra Flores

“Through the years I have attended so many trainings and the quality of presentation and written materials surpasses the vast majority of other trainers I’ve encountered. Combined with the compassionate and engaging presentation style, I highly recommend this course.”
– Sandi Long

I found the roleplay and the group facilitation to be most helpful.”
– Tom Boyle

“Everything was so wonderful. However, the role play was the most helpful.”
– Mayisa Dennis

Anita and her team did an excellent job. Anita is very helpful and very, very, resourceful.”
– Kaneeza Lafir  

“Everything was timed perfectly with just enough time for everything. What  I found most helpful were the demonstrations by the trainers and the printed slides for us to follow along.”
– Lilia Sheynman

“I would have loved more time to practice the facilitations but I would still rate the training a 4 out of 5.”
– Jennifer Scott

“I found the clinical information for adults and teens most helpful. I enjoyed the videos and references to contemporary/pop culture.”
– Sophia Galano

I would like to thank you for making what I think is a hard topic and tough population – very enjoyable and learnable!”
– Kathleen Kirsch

“The training has been the most efficient with time and learning. I feel like I can start practicing the workbook right away. Although there was a great deal of information, I don’t feel like it’s overwhelming or difficult to implement.”
– Jyoti Gustafson

“I found the group discussions to be most helpful and I would rate this program 4 out of 5 stars.”
– James Maddox

“This training gave me great insight on how to conduct anger management but also insight on how to deal with clients on a regular basis outside of anger management arenas.”
– Anisha Holden

“The three training days went by quickly because of the energies of the trainers (Anita and Liron). They were so positive, fast-paced and kind.”
– Kim Kabar

“I am a visual learner so the videos helped a lot! I do wish there was a little more time to cover teens thoroughly.”
– Rosalba Aguilera-Longoria

Everything was helpful for me. Now I have clearer knowledge about anger.”
– Gladys Medina