Anger Management Certification

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Are you ready to get certified in anger management, and offer a program to the community? You’ve reached the right place. Most people don’t know what is entailed in becoming certified in anger management since there is no legislation and no governing body overseeing our field. In 2012, several of us got together to co-find the California Association of Anger Management Providers (CAAMP) in order to collaborate with one another, and to help standardize the practices of anger management. In 2014, CAAMP became the California Chapter of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), and continued to grow in membership. Having served on the CAAMP Board as President, Program’s Chair, and Treasurer, I have seen the value this Association brings forth to the community. CAAMP compiles names of qualified anger management providers to offer to the courts to distribute as a referral for court-ordered clients, and to Probation to distribute for their clients.

Currently, the certification process is to attend a 2-3 day training, and incur 4 sessions of supervision required by NAMA to become a Certified Anger Management Specialist I or II. My training incorporates the 4 sessions of supervision required by NAMA so that your supervision hours are met. You will also have 4 opportunities to practice facilitating anger management (several private and several group facilitation), and will receive feedback about your skills. I believe this helps not only with improving facilitation skills, but by learning from other’s creative facilitation styles. In addition, by repeating a lesson plan you just learned, you will remember it even more after reviewing and facilitating it.

Some additional  perks with my anger management training include:

1- You will receive a 1-hour video by Dr. Marc Milstein about Neuroscience and Anger (he is excellent and has many other webinars available on his website);

2- You will receive the soft copy version of the facilitator’s manual to teaching the program to your clients;

3- You will receive two anger management workbooks that the clients will use (Adult and Teen versions);

4- Soft copies of all the required business forms including program policies and court reports; and,

5- Join our Alumni Facebook group for additional ideas, resources, video clips, and activities you could implement in your groups.

I do offer semi-private and Anger Management Training Handouts and Booksprivate anger management training to agencies and schools, and will travel to you. Such options are included on the following page:  Otherwise, I hold a monthly training throughout California and Nevada.

For more information about our upcoming anger management certification training dates and locations, visit