The things that I found most helpful were: the youtube sources, tips on facilitating group sessions, tips on dealing with difficult group members, the workbook as a tool, and the lessons on material preparedness.”
– Sandra Flores

“Through the years I have attended so many trainings and the quality of presentation and written materials surpasses the vast majority of other trainers I’ve encountered. Combined with the compassionate and engaging presentation style, I highly recommend this course.”
– Sandi Long

I found the roleplay and the group facilitation to be most helpful.”
– Tom Boyle

“Everything was so wonderful. However, the role play was the most helpful.”
– Mayisa Dennis

Anita and her team did an excellent job. Anita is very helpful and very, very, resourceful.”
– Kaneeza Lafir  

“Everything was timed perfectly with just enough time for everything. What  I found most helpful were the demonstrations by the trainers and the printed slides for us to follow along.”
– Lilia Sheynman

“I would have loved more time to practice the facilitations but I would still rate the training a 4 out of 5.”
– Jennifer Scott

“I found the clinical information for adults and teens most helpful. I enjoyed the videos and references to contemporary/pop culture.”
– Sophia Galano

I would like to thank you for making what I think is a hard topic and tough population – very enjoyable and learnable!”
– Kathleen Kirsch

“The training has been the most efficient with time and learning. I feel like I can start practicing the workbook right away. Although there was a great deal of information, I don’t feel like it’s overwhelming or difficult to implement.”
– Jyoti Gustafson

“I found the group discussions to be most helpful and I would rate this program 4 out of 5 stars.”
– James Maddox

“This training gave me great insight on how to conduct anger management but also insight on how to deal with clients on a regular basis outside of anger management arenas.”
– Anisha Holden

“The three training days went by quickly because of the energies of the trainers (Anita and Liron). They were so positive, fast-paced and kind.”
– Kim Kabar

“I am a visual learner so the videos helped a lot! I do wish there was a little more time to cover teens thoroughly.”
– Rosalba Aguilera-Longoria

Everything was helpful for me. Now I have clearer knowledge about anger.”
– Gladys Medina

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